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All Dogs are Service Dogs

Not enough can be written about the power of a dog. Abilities that are hard to believe until you can see them in action. Sniffing out bombs, bodies, cancers, seizures. Dragging bodies out of  burning building, sinking boats and harm’s way in general. The wonders of a dog are seen in daily life around the world as they are the service companions of the blind, deaf and  paralyzed among us.   The compassion of a dog assisting a PTS (Post-traumatic stress) war vet cope with civilian life is in the news more and more.  Millions of stories of brave people and their Incredible canine companions.

But any one of us, even if we are not disabled, but who own and care for a dog(s) know how much richer our life’s are because of our pet.

A day does not go by when Dean, my German Shepard/beagle rescue does not remind me to be patient, kind and giving in his patient, kind and giving ways. He relives my stress, makes me smile, and forces me off my butt. These might seem small, insignificant things when you have people with challenges I can not even imagine but I am Dean’s challenge and he is committed to carrying  out these tasks graciously. I think your body and mind age faster when you don’t have a dog. Lucky me.