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When you have lots to do-Walk the dog

I think I have some kind of ADHD. In fact I think many adults have it in some form or another.  Energy with poor concentration.  Start things, think about things to start, finish things in your mind as you walk into the room that calls you to do something. Clean, organize, remove wallpaper, paint.

So I walk Dean instead.  I usually walk him alone. Just the 2 of us.  A slow steady pace since he stops alot for the hound in him.  But sometimes he walks with a mission and I can feel like I am getting a bit of a much needed work out.  As many of you know, a great deal of thinking can go on with these walks. Problems can be solved, conversations spoken and you return with a surge of resolve.
However, most surges are fast, powerful and short lived. You must strike while the iron is hot.  So after a short rest I tackle something and in my small humble way feel that I have accomplished something.  The list of things is still there on paper or on my mind but something is checked off.

I’ll be an empty nester in the fall.  No excuses.  More walks, longer walks and more things checked off. We will see.